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Forget this πŸ‘‡

I am alone in my journey

Hey there, fellow Drifter!

Feeling like a lone wolf in your cozy home office, communicating with your team through the magic of the internet?

Think your coffee machine is your only colleague who truly understands you?

Well, it’s time to bust that myth wide open!

We’re here to remind you that your journey, filled with pajama conference calls and the eternal quest for the perfect Wi-Fi spot, is not a solo mission.

You’re part of a spectacular constellation of remote workers, each with a story more inspiring (or hilariously relatable) than the last!

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Yes, YOU!

Whether you’ve conquered the Everest of deadlines in your slippers (Chancla flashback) or found a life-changing hack to balance work and your newfound passion for indoor gardening, we’re all ears and applause!

Share your triumphs, your face-palm moments, and everything in between.

Let’s show each other that our home offices might be physically apart, but our experiences unite us in the most extraordinary ways.

We will post all the approved stories on this website (with links to your homebase), and some will make it into the weekly newsletter.

How to share?

Just below this pep talk is a nifty form.

Fill it out quicker than your last coffee refill, and we’ll reach out to hear more about your epic remote work saga.

Remember, every story shared is a step towards building a network so strong not even the dodgiest internet can break it.

So, let’s turn this solo playlist into a grand symphony of remote work awesomeness!

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